Common Chiffchaff

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Common Chiffchaff

Hearing a Chiffchaff singing in the Park, my grandson and I followed the call to a large tree. The bird flew down the tree and sat in the shade preening in an unsuitable position for a photograph. Eventually, it emerged and posed briefly for a photograph in bright sunlight before flying back up the tree. Chiffchaffs winter in sub-Saharan Africa and return early to their breeding areas in Europe. Their onomatopoeic call can often be hard in the Park in Spring although it is not a commonly seen species and much less commonly photographed.

Country: UK
Location: Kelsey Park, Beckenham
Family: Leaf Warblers and allies (Phylloscopidae)
Species: Common Chiffchaff (Phylloscopus collybita)
Date taken: 27/03/2015