Yellow Oriole

Yellow Oriole
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Yellow Oriole

We had many sightings of Yellow Oriole especially at the Asa Wright Centre where it was a regular visitor to the feeders. The male in particular is a stunning bird with its yellow and black plumage.

Yellow Oriole Icterus nigrogularis is also known as the ‘plantain’ and ‘small corn bird’, and in Venezuela it is known as ‘gonzalito’. It breeds in northern South America in Colombia, Venezuela, Trinidad, the Guianas and parts of northern Brazil. It is a bird of open woodland, scrub and gardens. There are four subspecies of Yellow Oriole of which I. n. trinitatis is only found on Trinidad and in north east Venezuela.

Status and Distribution
Yellow Oriole is a species of least concern with a stable population in its range of between two and three million square kilometres. It is a common and widespread resident on Trinidad but absent from Tobago.

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Photographed at 1/2000th of a second, f5.6 at ISO 500.

Country: Trinidad and Tobago
Location: Asa Wright Centre
Family: Oropendolas, Orioles and Blackbirds (Icteridae)
Species: Yellow Oriole (Icterus nigrogularis)
Date taken: 11/05/2017