*John Caddick’s World Wildlife Photography has images mostly of birds and mammals taken in many parts of the world. On request, photos can be provided freely for charitable and educational purposes and have appeared in several publications. All photos are of genuinely wild creatures – you will not find photos from zoos and wildlife parks.

*The site contains photographs of 2,306 bird species representing 181 bird families. I aim for a high identification accuracy using specialists as required but I am happy to receive comments if errors are spotted.

*Nearly 200 photos have been added from an amazing trip to the Antarctic including a large number of albatrosses, ducks and geese, gulls and terns, penguins, petrels, prions, sheathbills and skuas as well as a variety of seals, whales and other mammals. To see these photos, click on Antarctica 2023 in the drop-down list. A further 180 photos have been added from Southern Argentina, click on Argentina 2023 to view these.

15th May 2024

The site currently has 6007 images of which 5343 are images of birds.