The following three sites contain bird images and are extremely useful in terms of identification and distribution of species. The original design and implementation was done by the same person and there is a common approach throughout the sites. You will find a high accuracy of identification and the photos are of genuinely wild birds.

For birds of the Orient, this site has an amazing 96,000 plus images of over 2,800 species. You can spend hours here. The Oriental Bird Image Database

For the Australasian region, you should look at The Australasian Bird Image Database

and for Africa, a site which I have personally spent many hours administering over the past ten years and which now has nearly 24,000 images of more than 2,150 species The African Bird Image Database

My friends at Bird Explorers who have helped the African Bird Club in the development and administration of the African Bird Image Database over many years also have their own site with an incredible collection of photos from all over the world.

Peter has travelled the world in search of birds and has a wonderful collection of photos from some amazing places. I am delighted that he has set up this website to display his best work and I look forward to seeing it grow in future.

If you want to find out more about Africa and its birds, you will find a mine of information at the following site. I should declare an interest here as I have been heavily involved in its development over the past twelve years along with a number of other African Bird Club members who share a love of Africa and its birds. African Bird Club

The following excellent photographic site focuses on the birds of Southern Africa. Set up by a small group of bird enthusiasts and photographers some years ago, the original aim was to photograph all 965 birds known from this region. They already have an incredible 27,000 images of 931 species. BirdPics


John Caddick

8th June 2015