Since retirement over 20 years ago, I have been fortunate to be able to travel to many parts of the world in search of wildlife and in particular birds. Despite being a keen photographer for fifty years or more, it is only in the last few years that I have possessed camera equipment good enough to photograph the wildlife. My priority has been to photograph birds and my camera and lens were purchased for that purpose but if the opportunity has arisen, I have tried to photograph other creatures, plants and scenery.

The aim of this website has been to showcase some of my better photos. The majority of the images are of birds and for each, I have tried to record the species accurately using IOC names and taxonomy (1). I have also added the English and Scientific names of non-avian species where known but would welcome input if names are missing or you believe they have been recorded inaccurately. I shall also be delighted to receive comments about the usability of this website and any areas for improvement.

Apart from the above, all the photos on this website were taken by me and are of genuinely wild creatures. You may find the occasional photo of a feral or introduced species, but you won’t find images taken in zoos and wildlife parks.

It will take some time for me to load the backlog of images so if you like what you see here, please visit on a regular basis and the chances are that you will find something new. If you would like to use any of these images, please read what I have to say about this on the Contact page.

I would like to thank my family and a few long standing friends who have encouraged my passion for wildlife travel and have been supportive in this website venture.

John Caddick

7th July 2021


1) Gill, F & D Donsker (Eds). 2013. IOC World Bird List. Available at http://www.worldbirdnames.org.


“John has been to many amazing parts of the world in recent years and I’m so pleased that he has set up this website to showcase some of his best photos and give us an insight into these magical places.” Val Rahmani, ex CEO, Internet Co., Consultant, Entrepreneur, USA.

“John’s passion for wildlife and photography has taken him to some really interesting and off-the-beaten-track places and it’s great to see some of his photos particularly of species that are poorly known and seldom seen. I look forward to seeing this site grow in the future and be inspired to travel more myself.” Kevin Ravno, MD, GIS Co., bird enthusiast and photographer, South Africa.

“The most important thing about this site is the photos. Nothing else matters. The navigation and the ways of searching are apparent yet never get in the way of the subject, allowing you to focus entirely on the beautiful wildlife photography.” Richard Caddick, MD, Internet Consultancy, UK.

“John’s web site is very professional, with wonderful pictures of birds and wildlife taken in many parts of the world over the last few years. The pictures are all identified clearly, with a few details about each shot, and can be searched by helpful criteria. John’s obvious enthusiasm will doubtless encourage others to become more involved in wildlife activities.” Dr D.L.Barnard, Consultant Haematologist (retired), Leeds, UK.